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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/15/22 - Connect each Student with a Trusted Adult

Today’s Tip: Connect each Student with a Trusted Adult

Several years ago an Illinois SAM high school principal began systematically connecting each of his 800+ students with one or more adult.

Why? He knew school is more than academic content. He was determined not to have an adolescent in crisis lash out to hurt, maim and kill. He knew paying attention to each student’s mental health is key.

He conducts two “connection exercises”, one for students and another for staff. Students use a list to mark adults they trust. Adults take a list of students and mark each student they believe they have a strong, trusting relationship. A sociogram is then created showing the number student/adult connections. The staff then works to build connections with students who are missing trusted adults in their lives.

The school’s motto: Teach ~ Learn ~ Care

Sound hard to do? Actually, it is easy and costs nothing. We even have a six minute HD video to show you how.

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