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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/21/23 - Consider the Frequency and Sequence of your Interactions

This week’s tip: Consider the Frequency and Sequence of your Interactions

As you start the new school year, you’ve likely selected teachers you intend to spend more time with than others. You’ve also likely told TimeTrack who these “focus” teachers are by going to the TimeTrack orange logo, selecting settings, and then Individual/Group Set-Up.

Clicking the focus button shows the hours/minutes spent with each teacher you intend to spend more time and effort. This gives you quick access to data showing the time you’ve spent with each person, in groups and individually, in hours/minutes number of interactions.

Many leaders with open he chart showing the time spent with each focus teacher and click on the Interactions button, top left. This changes the chart to show the number of separate times the leader worked with a teacher, rather than the number of minutes. Many leaders go a step further by clicking the frequency button. This shows a comparison of the number of times the leaders observed the teacher in a classroom with the number of feedback sessions. In addition to frequency, it also shows the pattern, or sequence.

The chart to the left, shows the principal had five interactions with the teacher in October, two times seeing the teacher in a classroom and three feedback sessions. SAM teams use this information to consider if the frequency of work with the teacher, and the sequence of the interactions, will likely lead to improved practice.

TimeTrack data is like an onion. Peal back one layer and you’ll find more below. By clicking on the October bar, here’s what is revealed:

Now the leader can see the sequence of the interactions. The first week of October, the leader was in the classroom twice and had one feedback session, after. The leader had a single feedback session in each of the following two weeks.

The data doesn’t say good or bad. The data helps SAM teams be reflective. Does my work with teachers improve practice? Is it frequent enough? Is the sequence of interactions logical?

Registration opens for the 17thAnnual National SAM Conference, September 4, Labor Day.

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