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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/24/15 - TimeTrack® 5.0 is now active.

TimeTrack® 5.0 is now active. This speedier version of the unique SAM calendar includes a series of upgrades to make use easier, intuitive and more productive.. .including search options for people, events, topics and notes.

The new smartphone interface includes easy navigation, event entry and the option to dictate TimeTrack notes using your phone or tablet.

The look of the calendar improved using icons to increase space and to allow the Dashboard to appear with the calendar view with forward and back options to move between graphs, charts and the calendar instantaneously.

TimeTrack’s configuration options are now fast and easy to use. setting goals, adding groups and individuals and accessing a wide variety of features and supports is a snap. Click on the TimeTrack logo, upper left corner to access.

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