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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/25/14 - Has your email address or cell phone number changed?

Has your email address or cell phone number changed? You can easily update them in TimeTrack so we can stay in touch!

Just log in with your existing account, and go to the “User” menu. Click on “User Information” and make any corrections you would like.

Remember, once your email address changes, this becomes your new TimeTrack username as well.

You can change your password from the “User” menu as well. Click on “Change Password”. Then enter your old password, choose a new password, and confirm it!

While you’re updating your contact information, why not make sure your school information is up to date as well? The profile sheet displays all of the information we have on file about your school. To view it, go to the “Info” menu and click “Profile Sheet”. If you need to make any changes or additions to this information, just email me at

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