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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/26/19 - You can have your smartphone alert you on TimeTrack events

This week’s first tip: You can have your smartphone alert you when a TimeTrack event is getting close. For a two minute video on how to activate this feature on your phone use this link:

This week’s second tip: A different way to use TimeTrack’s Connected Events

Connected Events is an automated scheduling feature designed for placing the four parts of the formal evaluation process on your TimeTrack. It can also be used to schedule time to be in a classroom followed by a feedback session.

You can select a group of teachers, pick the number of times you want to see each person teach and Connected Events will place the event on your TimeTrack along with a feedback session. These events will be placed on an open place on your TimeTrack with an icon showing it is tentative, meaning you need to look at it to be sure it is at a time that works. If not, you can click, drag and drop it to a place on your TimeTrack that works best.

For a six minute video on how to use Connected Events this way use this link:

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