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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 8/28/23 - Show Agency in your Leadership Work

Principal Agency is when a leader acts with intentionality and believes they have the power, rationality, or responsibility, to do so.

Principals with agency act with intention, are goal oriented and accept the risk in acting. They understand resources, and district culture, create limits, but focus on what is possible, what they can do rather than what they can’t.

Agency, when responsibly applied, can lead to creative solutions. Great leaders have agency and use it to involve others in decision making. Communications Coach Jennifer Kammeyer believes leaders need two leadership styles, Agentic and Communal, to be effective. She describes communal leadership as the ability to pull the best from everyone and to generate new ideas, build relationships and foster community. She describes Agentic leadership as the ability to drive toward a goal taking the risks and demanding the standards to reach excellence.

Today’s SamTastic Weekly Tip is taken from a draft article on principal agency by NSIP Director Mark Shellinger. Click here for a copy of the complete draft and an opportunity to share your thoughts and experiences: Agency

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