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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 9/15/14 - Is it your birthday this week?

Is it your birthday this week? Think how you would feel if no one at work remembered. Why not enter staff member birthday’s in your TimeTrack calendar?

TimeTrack has two note sections, NoteTrack and Notes. Notes are public. Anyone looking at the calendar can read what is written. They appear at the bottom of each calendar day. NoteTrack is private. Only the TimeTrack owner can see these notes.

You can use Notes as a reminder of staff member birthdays and other special events. This way you will remember to congratulate teachers and other staff members. Remember what NSIP Director Mark Shellinger always says in training: “Improving teacher practice starts with building positive relationships.. .and the first rule of leadership is to make people feel important and valued.”

Want to learn how to use NoteTrack? This is a really cool feature that only the calendar owner can access. It allows you to enter notes during a walkthrough, meeting or office time and retrieve them later. It archives your notes, allows you to retrieve all the notes associated with any staff member and print/copy/export/email. It is very easy to use. Click here to see a five minute overview on NoteTrack: id=350

SAMs can help by entering birthdays for their leader Notes. Principals can help by thanking their SAMs.. ..every day.

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