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SamTastic Weekly Tip: 9/8/14 - Get the most out of TimeTrack by using Google Chrome

Get the most out of TimeTrack by using Google Chrome. TimeTrack works with all browsers but if you have a need for speed Google’s free browser, Chrome, is the ticket.

Chrome was designed for new cloud based applications like TimeTrack. Using Chrome will ensure a faster and more responsive connection.

Installing Chrome is easy and can usually be done without the assistance of your school’s IT staff.

To install Chrome follow the steps below:

1) Download Google Chrome using the following link:

2) Click the blue “Download Google Chrome” button.

3) On the next menu, make sure that the box next to “Make Google Chrome my Default Browser” is NOT CHECKED. This way you can use your current browser for other applications.

4) Click the blue “Accept and Install” button. Google Chrome will be installed, and a Chrome browser window will open.

5) In the new browser window, log into your TimeTrack Web calendar.

6) Follow the directions HERE to create a shortcut to your TimeTrack on your desktop.

Congratulations! When accessing TimeTrack Web through your new shortcut, it will open in Chrome.

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