• Jim Mercer

SamTastic Weekly Tip: 9/9/19 - Share and merge your TimeTrack Data

This week’s tip: Share and merge your TimeTrack Data.

Good SAM teams look at their TimeTrack dashboard each day and consider how the time they are spending with teachers and others is helping improve teaching and learning.

Many SAM teams offer access to their TimeTrack to others in their school or district. Some SAM principals offer complimentary TimeTracks to assistant principals, instructional coaches and others in the building who are working with adults to improve teaching and learning.

This way they can track the time they are spending each day just like you do as a SAM team.. .and you can benefit from seeing how others are helping you improve teaching and learning.

NSIP is a non-profit company and we make additional TimeTracks complimentary—no charge. There are a few planning conditions that you will have to consider before starting, however.

To learn how to share your TimeTrack with others, merge your data and offer complimentary TimeTracks to others in your school or office view this short video:

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