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SamTastic Weekly Tip - 3/21/22: Consider where you are spending your instructional time.

Today’s Tip: Consider where you are spending your instructional time.

Most school leaders spend more time in meetings than any other activity. Take a look at your TimeTrack dashboard. Is this where you are spending the most time?

Three descriptors are generally used for instructional meetings:

  • Decision Making Groups

  • Planning, Curriculum and Assessment

  • Professional Development

You can easily see how much time you spend in meetings by looking at your Dashboard. It is harder, though, to determine if time spend in these meetings helps move teacher practice forward.

It may be easier to look at the graph/chart showing time spent with individual groups.

The questions to start with:

  1. Did you intend to spend more time with one group rather than another?

  2. Why? What did you hope to accomplish by spending time with this group?

  3. When you think about the time you spent with this group, can you identify how your presence improved the practice of individuals in the group or the group as a whole?

  4. Would members of the group agree?

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